Sunday, April 17, 2011

drug addict

It's a nice sunday evening. I really should be cleaning my house. My roommate has been gone for the last 10 days, getting back tomorrow, I should at least make it presentable. (aren't I nice?) But I feel thoughtful and reminiscent, feel more like writing than cleaning. So, first, before anything else I want to make a list of the things I will do tonight before I go to bed.
1. Dishes
2. Vacuum
3. Finish my laundry (thankfully this one is already in process)
4. Quick touch-up on the shower
5. Shake the rug
6. Sweep out my room
7. Make my bed - just kidding, I would only unmake it shortly thereafter
8. clean the bathroom mirror
9. Sort my stack of mail
10. ...random other cleaning activities...

Now that I feel somewhat productive just by writing this list down, on to more fun topics.

Today I rode horses. I love horses. I rode the most beautiful buckskin mare today with a multicolored mane. The kind of hair that ladies (or guys) would spend a lot of money to have. Blonde, intermixed with some brown and a lot of black, all in layers. I was surprised at the good ride this horse was. She was a bear to catch. We ended up having to herd her with 3 other horses into a round pen, sort out the others, and make her run until she would let us catch her. The story is that she had been trained by a proper trainer for a total of 90 days sometime in the last 8 months or so, but this was hard to imagine with her elusive and skittish behavior. We finally caught her, but she was scared of the saddle! Anyway, my friend rode her yesterday and she did ok, then I rode her today, taking her way out in the pasture and she did great! Stops when told, very patient, calm. She rides a little heavy on the front, but seemed to loosen up toward the end of the ride. All in all, great ride. It was a rejuvenating ride. The thought came into my head to offer to buy this horse. I've been contemplating this all day. But really, there should be some way to offer my services to continue training this horse. Perhaps they would pay me? This sounds like a much better idea. In any case, I need a horse that I can ride whenever I want to. Borrowing other people's horses is just not cutting it for me. It stifles me.
Riding horses gives me what I would consider a fix. Like drugs. I need it, crave it, and it makes me feel so good. If only I could take this drug whenever I pleased...


Dylan Wren said...

Are you going to PVA alumni this next weekend?!!! I am back in town, you should pay Lincoln a visit!

nance said...

I wish I could come, unfortunately I am working during PVA alumni. :( I am quite sad.
Glad you made it back safely! I would love to see you and hear of your adventures!