Monday, January 29, 2007

What Makes an Annoying Person?

Why are some people so annoying? Sometimes its hard to figure out why it is exactly why the annoying person is so annoying. Perhaps making a short list would clarify.
Here's what I have so far. (in no particular order)
1. Making a long explanation of something that you already know
2. People who only talk about themselves
3. Know it alls
4. Cheery people when you're grumpy
5. Intentional eves-dropping
6. "like"
7. Braggarts
8. Liars
9. Lateness
10. People who talk to other people while they're on the phone with you.

More later

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

20 gauge

After taking drugs and being stabbed by 16 needles, I’m completely bored… yet not. I have many thing that should be taking up my time – studying, reading, and various other projects, but I’m not doing any of those. It seems like the time goes so slow here, but yet, I never seem to get anything done. Why is that? “I can do it later. I’ll have nothing to do all weekend.”

This was me last weekend in a Harris Lab study. I took drugs and got stuck. Eat when they tell you, drink when they tell you, stand, sit, “gimme your arm.” I feel used. What levels we will drop to just for money. It’s sad. (but I made a lot! J)

It’s pretty obvious that I am easily influenced by the people that are around me. Perhaps that is why I have to go the library to study – to be surrounded by the studious hoping they will rub off on me. Is that why I’m not studying right now? I know I should. I had a whole weekend of opportunity to get ahead, or at least caught up. But alas! I was surrounded by people who watch movies, let strangers suck their blood, and get paid. (What kind of job is this? Is this teaching good work ethic?) And what did I do? I watched movies too. This is a lesson my friends, choose those you hang out with carefully especially if you are as easily influenced as I am.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Lark in the Meadow

So, I'm at my favorite coffee shop. It's not my favorite because they have the best coffee in town, not because all my friends go here, or its the closest to my house. I like it because their tables are big. I like it because it's open and spacious. You never feel like you're being an inconvenience by staying there for long periods of time. I like it because the people here... even though there are many that I have not talked to, they become familiar. I finally met the guy at the counter today. He has red curly hair that is almost to his shoulders. His name is Spencer and he has an eyebrow ring. There is a guy that goes here quite often who drives a blue Saab. I parked by him today, and gawked at his nice car. I think it's like a 2004 or something. It's pretty nice. I still don't know which guy he is... or girl I guess. I'm pretty sure it's a guy though.

Over break I came here on a Wednesday evening and realized it was open mic night. I had never been to an open mic before, and since I wasn't overloaded with homework I stayed. It was cool to see the people I see here often all came together to help with the open mic - setting up, running the sound, organizing. Kind of like a little family. Is that what coffee shops are all about? Look! There's four of my friends-by-observation now!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Fancy Pants

So, this is the first ever post by the fancy pants. Time for celebration? Well, maybe. But probably not.