Monday, February 26, 2007

To find a good pair of climbing shoes, my friend and I went to the Moose's Tooth. We tried on various pairs of shoes, found some that fit ($90) and left without buying. Apparently you can find the same shoes on the internet for cheaper, but while gazing at the wide selection has to offer, we found a pair that was a HOT DEAL for only $40. Unfortunately, they weren't the same style and we waited - just to think about it. WHAT WERE WE THINKING! By the time we realized that we really did want to save a bundle of money they were all sold out of our sizes. Stinky Poo.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

dusty camera

I don't know if it happens to you, but I've noticed that I tend to take less pictures of the things that are around me every day. For instance friends. Funny how I have pictures of lots of people, but those who are closer to me, say, my roommate, or good friends - I have only a few pictures. In fact, I have a really good friend named John of who I don't even have one picture. Wow. Hmm.. I realized this while discussing with my roommie. I only have one picture of her, and it was only because it was some sort of function. How sad.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Q: Why should you never marry a tennis player?
A: Love means nothing to them

Q: What do you get when you eat a blackberry?
A: Bluetooth

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I went with my friends Ashley to a rodeo recently! It was great fun, with great food beforehand and all kinds of new experiences afterward. I danced. Can you believe that? Me neither. :) Ahh... but I was inspired sitting on the balcony watching all the people down on the dance floor. I really want to learn how to dance! Country line dance, swing, and whatever else they were doing down there... I don't really know. Anyway, it looked really fun (and great exercise too!).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

you may not want to look

I'm a medical person, and I have found a morbid fascination with things that could go wrong with the human body. So, I've been sick. I'm almost completely better now, but I had two sicknesses in the past few weeks. Along with one of them came come nasty canker sores. I couldn't do anything but put some of that numbing stuff on it and wait. Here it is.. if you can see it. This last canker sore was right in front of my left tonsil on my tonsilar pillar. Sooo incredibly painful. I could feel it when I talked. So, if you can see it it's kind of elongated, just above my tongue, and on my left (the right side of the picture). You see it??

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

about me

I got a haircut yesterday! I really like it! The hair-cutter lady said that I had really healthy hair! :) So this is my new dew. Or Doo. Or is it just do?
I'm now sitting in the Mill (an alright coffee shop I guess), drinking a white heat (the only thing I drink), just hoping that my batteries in my camera will last long enough to download my pictures so that I can show you my new hair. We'll see if it makes it - it's halfway there.

So, perhaps I'll write a little bit about myself while I wait. Hmm.. I'm in school. I study, but not enough. I love the new snow that we got today and last night! Snow makes the world so clean. I pity those places that don't have any snow. I love to ride horses, although I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been riding in probably more than 2 months. I feel like I'm busy a lot of the time, but I procrastinate. Oh... today I learned that procrastination is, in a way, the fear of failure. You see, if you do the assignment or whatever early, it should be perfect because you had a lot of time to do it. But if you do the assignment at the last minute and run out of time you can blame your imperfections on running out of time and tell yourself that you could have done a great job if only you had enough time. That's another thing - people who say they don't have time for _____ (insert anything here). It's not a matter of not having time - you find that they have time to eat or sleep, or take a shower, but it's a matter of setting priorities. Perhaps instead of saying I don't have time (to take dance lessons) we should really say we just don't want to take dance lessons. If we really wanted something we could make time for it.

Hey! My pictures are done. Apparently my flash is a little bright. It's ok, you're looking at the hair, not the face!

Monday, February 5, 2007

study blues

How much can a person study? Why can't I study more? What can give me more inspiration to study? Medicine is interesting, isn't it? It's applicable information. Useful. It helps people. I can use medical knowledge to diagnose, treat, and potentially save a persons life! Isn't that enough motivation to study? Then why am I falling asleep while reading about life threatening diseases?? I should know this stuff.. AHHHH I'm so frustrated.