Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hagarsville, Ontario

I'm sitting in a coffee shop now, one of my favorite places to be, reminiscing on my trip with Greg. You see, he had the 10-13th off, and will have the 21st to the 26th off. During his last break we went on a paddling trip down the river. Great fun. Hung out with tons of his friends - overwhelming at first, but soon fun. Then another paddling trip. Rapids were amazing! I am becoming a good paddler (at least I think so)! And I really feel like I can have a bit of control of the boat, maneuvering it through rapids, around rocks, and well, wherever else we need to go. My shoulders are growing in size too (is this sexy, I don't know... I think Greg may like it...).

I was also amazingly sick during this first break of Greg's. Just after the second day run down the river, I had a high fever, and was feeling horrible. I had diarrhea and stomach upset (probably from the delicious potato salad that may have gotten too warm), as well as congestion and coughing for the past couple days. After a hot bath and a lot of sleep in a comfy bed, I was feeling a bit better. After a couple of days now, it's still hanging on and clouding my thinking with yucky snot. In fact... I'm going to get a tissue and blow my nose right now...

Ahh... much better.

I'm hanging out with the Okimi bunch now. Mom and Dad Okimi have been gracious to open up their house to me and let me bum while Greg is working. We've been having lots of fun! Yesterday we made strawberry freezer jam. I had no idea that jam had so much sugar in it! Whoa! It's like spreading liquid sugar on your toast! Yummy! I have also been able to spend some time with the youngest Okimi - Alejandra. What a cutie! She is such a fun little girl - alway on the move! I think I may have become her friend yesterday, we'll see if she still wants to hang out with me next time. :)

So, that's the updates from me.
I have a clip of me and Kendal going through a large rapid. Whoa. So much fun! And we didn't flip over either! We were so proud... check it out!

OK... well, the upload took longer than expected... 45 minutes later, still no video. Hmm... well, guess you'll have to do without for now until I figure out a better way. Tata for now

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Palmer Rapids, Ontario

Today was wonderful. I paddled on a day trip down the river with 3 other amazing paddlers, one of which was my wonderful boyfriend, Greg. Who, may I be the first to let you know, CUT HIS HAIR last night. All of it is gone, except just a bit on the top. I'll have to post a picture of it soon, but we kind of are in the middle of nowhere, and I'm lucky to be right next to a computer now.
I'm in love with the Madawaska river, it's just so breathtakingly beautiful!
More to come! I haven't blogged in a while have I?