Friday, October 31, 2008

Palm Springs, CA

This weekend I am at a conference in Palm Springs, California.

It's sunny here and the temperature was 92 yesterday. I didn't feel that hot because its so dry though. I am at the Adventist Medical Evangelical Network conference, and it's been really good so far. We flew in yesterday from Oklahoma in Dr. Nedley's plane.

We had to use oxygen when we were flying above 12,000 feet

and had a little time to enjoy the beauty of southern California once we got here.

This morning's message was all about David... well, no. Really it was all about knowing your purpose. Your cause. What drives you. And how knowing your purpose simplifies your life. You have a cause, a goal, and you know what you are striving for.


Isn't that what we are looking for?
How do we find it?
Know your cause.
What is my cause?
What is yours?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

picture update

My new house

My mom's new car

Saturday Afternoon at Lake Murray - a great view, eh?!

After helping me move


Fraida is the name of my kitten who recently made the trip with me down to Ardmore.
Mom, Greg, and I were in the motel when I noticed that Fraida was sitting on Greg's toothbrush.
Isn't she just adorable? How could you be upset...

Untitled from super woman on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip tribulations

The trip started at 5am Thursday morning. We were in Kansas when we saw the sunrise and we were still in Kansas when the van started smoking. There was a leak with the transmission fluid. WE tightened up the bolts where the fluid was leaking out on the side of the interstate, checked the fluid levels, crossed our fingers and started off again.

The tires on the trailer started smoking... More fluid out of the transmission. What was going on!!?? We didn't know. So we asked a professional. He said that our transmission was shot. Apparently the fluid was "burnt" which is a very bad sign.

We limped into Ardmore 13 hours after we started after going an average of 58 mph for the sake of the van.

Found a place to live on Friday. Water, gas, and electric are to be turned on Monday. Stayed at a hotel with mom and Greg this weekend and had a very nice time.

Sat. night my mother bought a new car. Wow. It's a nice car!

Now mom is on her way home. Greg and I are headed over to unpack the trailer (which is now in my possession I guess) and move me in to my new house!

More to come

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

mixed and missing

Despair and joy.
I move next Wednesday. I am Oh so excited to start working. My summer vacation has been too long, yet... this means that I will have to leave a place that I love so much. A place that is filled with people that I love, familiar faces, and comfort. And I'm headed to a place that is filled with unfamiliar faces and fear of the unknown.
Here I come Oklahoma. Watch out.