Monday, October 22, 2007

clunk clunk wiggle wiggle

My steering wheel is wobbling now. I'm not very happy with it being like that. The pressure in my tires is equal. I hope that I can figure out what is wrong. :(

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm a Farm Girl

I'm a farm girl, through and through. I've been craving some good 'ol farm time for weeks now. I was on call this weekend and on one of the many occasions that I was in the ER, I mentioned how it would be nice to ride a horse. The friendly ER nurse called up a friend of hers and today (tuesday) I was blessed. I thought it might be awkward - going to a farm to hang out with people I didn't know, but my craving overpowered my hesitance and I'm so glad it did. There is nothing like feeling the massive hunk of horse muscle under me tight and ready to run on my command, asking over and over again "Can we go now? Can we go now?" and then release him to fly down the pasture with pounding hooves and the wind whipping through my hair. Who knew that sweat combined with a little horse dirt could smell so good and be so inviting?

Big Guy and me October 9, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007


I realize tonight as I sit in a strange town on a strange bed that I haven't slept in a place with no one around for a looong time. My two apartment-mates left for the weekend to go home and I'm here, on call, all weekend, by myself. Normally new places, meeting new people, and being alone don't affect me this way. I usually have the ability to buck up and be fine. But I'm sick of meeting new people and sick of never feeling like you measure up. Being a student, I seem to be always under pressure to perform, give the right answer, anticipate the next move. Can I go back to how my life used to be? Where it didn't matter that you didn't know what nerve is always sacrificed in a radical mastectomy. I miss those days.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to Holdrege, NE

I'm supposed to be on an OB/GYN rotation. I was at the office at 8am Monday morning to find that my doc was out all week, except Wednesday. Hm. So I ended up working with the PA and another doc. Learned a lot... about migraines, spinal problems, gastric feeding tubes, and wart removal! Today I saw my first lady patient that was there for lady things. Finally! But alas, it was only one. Tomorrow will be my first real day of OB/GYN! I'm getting nervous all over again!

On another note today I saw a duck. I saw a duck because I went on a walk out by a lake and it was beautiful. This duck had two little ducklings and they were so cute. They sure follow their mom wherever she goes with no hesitation. Funny how human children don't do that.