Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am thoughtful tonight, about more things that I could ever dream of putting into words.
I think the reality is that I don't want to sleep. Why? Not that I'm having bad dreams. I sleep well.
I don't know what it is
This morning I woke up after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep. ON A SUNDAY! whoa. What is happening! I was planning on sleeping till noon! So, adulthood arrives. Bummer.
Anyway, as I'm moving into another work week, I'd better hunker down and try some force sleepage.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Today I bought a jetski.
It is sooo amazing! Much better than I imagined it to be! I truly am in love with this machine (ridiculous I know).
It's a 2005 Seadoo RXP supercharged two seater. It zooms up to 70 mph, navigates turns with ease, and can literally hop out of the water. It has so much power it makes me giddy (and I'm still giddy). I only had to ride it for 1.5 minutes to know that I wanted it.
A guy named Dave it selling it to me. He posted it on Craig's list just yesterday, I called him this morning, and we shook hands tonight. The trouble is, Dave doesn't have the title just yet, and it should be in this week. That's good, because I can't get a hitch on my car until this week, but also little stressful because we have to trust each other that we are true to our word. He still has the jet ski and I'm hoping he doesn't sell it to someone else. I still have money, and the only thing we exchanged was name and number. So now the wait begins. Delayed gratification I have never been good at. Even shopping online is difficult for me just because it takes so long to actually get your product.
Oh how I love you my new personal watercraft.
I'll likely be dreaming of jet skiing tonight.