Friday, March 11, 2011

MacBook Pro

I bought a new computer.
I probably could have bought a $200 computer and it would have been amazing in comparison to my 15-min-to-start-up computer that I have had for the past 6 years. The one that randomly shuts off, and frequently looses it's internet connection, yeah, that one. I have had a dislike for my now-retired computer for quite a while, but I didn't realize how strong my feelings were until this evening when I opened my new macbook pro and it was on in 2 seconds! Just there, waiting for me to tell it what to do! I became so excited that I couldn't contain myself and had to express all my joys to those surrounding me (who gawked at my excitement). I am thrilled with my new purchase. It types well, has all kinds of fun features, looks good, is fast, and generally makes my heart happy.

What also makes my heart happy is the amazing week that I have had. This week my boss has been out of town. When he is gone I don't work in the hospital and therefore have had full clinic days. This is the kind of clinic that starts at 9 and is done, generally, by 5! No pager, no hospital rounds, no midnight calls, no late nights, no early mornings. It was like a vacation! I could enjoy the evening and I felt like I had so much time. I bought my computer last night, and I had a day off today. I can hardly contain the happiness that my heart feels to sleep all the way through a night with no calls about patients, no pager going off informing me of critical labwork, or Mrs. Smith who is constipated and needs a laxative.


It's Sabbath now, peaceful, rejuvenating, restful. Could I ask for more?