Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Oven

I've realized recently that I like baking. In the past month I have baked more than I have my whole life. Different kinds of breads, made-from-scratch cakes, vegan baking, cookies. I have never thought of myself as a baker. That's so, you know, Suzy homemaker-ish. But, alas, I like it. The other day I made what was supposed to be pumpkin bread, that turned out to be sweet potato bread for lack of proper ingredients. It was pretty tasty! I was pretty impressed with myself! Tonight's adventure was zucchini bread. Not quite as good, but not bad with a little margarine on it. It's almost like creating. Wait! It is creating! You can mix things that are gross on their own (have you ever eaten raw eggs? Or flour?) and end up with something that tastes so good!
Perhaps I like just being in the kitchen because the oven is warm, and the rest of the house is so chilly. Maybe its just a phase. Either way, I like it.