Friday, September 28, 2007


I love Sabbath. A day of worship, reverence, time with friends, nature. I sure love it. It allows me to breathe after a long week. It makes me a happy person. What would I do without Sabbath?
Last weekend my brother and I went out with some friends to Consetoga lake where some went canoing, some fell out, and others sank the boat. Fun times. Logan the dog went with us too. He had a really good time and was real tempted to jump in the water like everyone else, but after we made fun of him for his notorious lack of swimming skills, he calmed down and didn't let the urge get him wet (and us, for that matter). Here are a few pictures

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Best of NC

As the sun rises

I'm back from my adventures in the south. I miss the southern hospitality and the fun people I worked and played with every day! Since NC I've been traumatized by quarterly exams, informed by peer presentations, humbled by exam results, and am now in Omaha doing a ER rotation. It's great! I was there for no more than 30 minutes before I saw my first stab wound! With air bubbling out of the side of the patients chest, my mouth was gaping open. Wow. Then I watched as they expertly slipped a chest tube in to drain the blood building up around the lungs. Wow. Wish I could have taken a picture to share, but alas. HIPPA.
Here are a few more pictures of NC. Just to finish out the trip!

My facility of learning

The office

My office! (for the first 2 weeks, then I got booted by the new partner ;)

Me and the Doc

The Papa of the PA program

Ode to cardio

Me and the priest - Messiah's Mansion Tours!

Another view from the office window - do you see why they are called the Smokey Mountains?

My first whitewater rafting experience took place in this raft

A map of pure fun

My NC mama!

High falls - I downclimbed that!

On top of high falls